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Reduce the Numbers of Political parties in Nigeria – Alhaji Usman Adamu



Alhaji Usman Adamu

Alhaji Usman Adamu (Doya 50), a resident of Agyaragu village of Obi Local Government Area of ​​Nasarawa State, called on the members of the House of Representatives and senators to see if they could reduce the numbers of political parties in Nigeria, saying it will improve the country’s politics.

“The parties are huge. They need to be reduced to five, because that is the political reform. There will not be as many candidates as there are over 80 parties. “It enables politicians to use other parties to keep their constituencies strong even if they win the election. Bring the parties back to five. “Registration for private parties. The private parties in their work have stayed in the local government and the state; they should not be used at the federal level. One can run for an independent party in a state or federal election or in a state legislature or a governor, but not in a federal or state legislature. This is a registered party. And if the party is reduced it will allow people to go out and vote, because the candidates are known for their numbers. ”He added: “It should not be said that in Nigeria at this time the electoral system (presidential candidate) was used. Because it is the delegate that is putting the nation in trouble. They are used to a person even if they are not good enough to know how much money they will spend. They should vote for him, and the nation will fall into chaos. “He said; return to the district level from district to state and federal to state. If society wants a person, they should vote for him. If we do that, we will have good leaders. ”Addressing the issue of bereavement, governments said; “Now times have changed. And slavery is not a religion. Everybody knows that if the wealthy people in Nigeria are spoken, the northerners will be called. When it comes to food in Nigeria, it is said to be northern. So why is poverty and dishonesty in the North? ”He said; he supports governors and calls on the Federal Government to intervene in the matter, saying, “The one who has a child should not be taken care of.He said; The government has imposed strict rules on the basic education system for every child to stop and study in the state, local government and local level.

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“No one should enter a city unless the child has grown up and moves to another town, for his own sake; not that his parents should take him from one state to another. ”He said; “To say that religion is a religion is like a boy. Even the teachers who say that what the government has done is not good enough for their children. ”He said; “Southern people are criticizing the Northerners for saying that because of the way our children are, the children are taken from the north and taken to the south, is the reading in the South? I call on the northern governors to step in and take this step. The Plateau State governor and Benue’s governorPolitics photo have joined forces to make the law; everyone has to save his or her own language in their city of study. If a child is arrested in another state, the parents should be prosecuted.

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