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5G Network and Misconception to covid19



Among the highlights of the week is the ongoing controversy surrounding the spread of the disease in the world of 5G and 5G networks. Not only in Nigeria, but in Africa, almost every Western country, especially in Europe, has been exploring videos of young people in Europe to beat art or fire In one of the videos I saw, a 5G rope was tied to a cable, some trapped in the west, others in the east so tightened their throats that they made it to the ground!

First of all, when a friend of mine sent us a video via whatsapp software I thought it was a game, but when I listened carefully I heard the rumors that 5G networking could help spread the virus to my mind the first thing is, what is their connection, 5G technology is a magnet, and the virus is a tiny micro organisms that makes no sense, even if the machine is truly visible. Although human technology is constantly evolving, but for intellectuals, there is a good balance that even if the message is conveyed they wouldn’t understand it until it is clear. So for such people, isolation and diarrhea are not a taboo problem.

Huawei, which provides 5G broadband, is one of the most important places we visited in Shanghai. At the time, the company was looking to further develop its technology from 4G to 5G and even complete the first phase. From what we have been told, the company said that when it completes the 5G technology, it will not change the trunk of 4G devices and create a new drone that will fly to its major stations in order to switch 4G cutting-edge technology to 5G. This is very exciting, and no matter what we as human beings should be glad to have this technology on the ground.

Following the completion of 5G technology and start-up, telecommunications companies including ours were praised by MTN, and MTN expressed its desire to test the technology last year, with the approval of the National Communications Commission ( Nigeria Communication Commission) in November. Just as 4G technology is faster than 5G speeds, the same is true between 4G and 5G.Truth be told, all the observers of secular and global politics know that Western propaganda has distorted some of the wisdom and progress that exists in other countries. So it is not surprising that there has been a 5G propaganda campaign among them, but it is a surprise; Some people believe that technology is spreading the virus. As I have written in an article by a Nigerian lawyer and daily news commentator, Barrister Frank Tietie has posted a blog post from the Federal Capital Territory on the “Secrets of the World’s Secretariat” ) and the Need to Solve Problems in Understanding Africa “, said a former BBC presenter, David Icke, who co-founded the Pandemic with 5G.The man, as the lawyer points out, is skilled at presenting the case against a sucker who has been conducting a thorough investigation, but the result of his investigation is a precautionary measure.

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Therefore, its effects can be easily avoided, especially in cases of cholera. Icke believed that the COVID-19 virus was invented (not a natural one), that its symptoms were made from a lead gene that was used when 5G was used, and reiterated that its symptoms were related to the symptoms prepared.

The same people who are coming for the test to be tested are infected; later they become seriously ill and perhaps even lead to death. So he advised people not to let them go and try them out. He believes anyone who has been exposed to the symptoms associated with the pandemic; will be cured if treated with the flu.

The risks of Mr. Icke’s data are numerous, because there are people who are considered to be of value and prestige to become the basis of evidence after they believe in his actions. Even recently, David Icke took over the business when he appeared on London, explaining that people should follow his study on 1% of the world’s population.

Most of the arguments that Icke exposes in his works have no basis to prove their validity. And because it is probably a fear of conspiracy, even people who are considered to be intellectuals possess all the things that can irritate them, so be quiet!The type of people are Bill Gates whom Icke claims that the antibiotics he offers to the international community are causing people to become ill and will force them to buy drugs that are controlled by large pharmaceutical companies.

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The US ambassador, Mr. George Soros, has also let himself be affected by the fact that he is preparing for a global catastrophe

also, Icke once insulted the young man Mark Zuckerberg, describing him as a little boy used by adults to achieve their evil intentions. These are just a few examples of what David Icke is doing to bring relief to the community. When he blows the paint, he paint it and say that it is good, and if he doesn’t like something, paint it over the mouth.

Therefore, Barrister Frank Tietie urges our African authorities that it is imperative that no matter what the problem arises in the world, we should stop and study the problem and find solutions based on our understanding of Africa. That is why the Nigerian Communications Commission’s decision on Monday to dissociate the link between malaria and 5G technology is very appropriate and commendable. Despite the fact that the commission has not only allowed the technology to be brought underground, it has also gone on to refute this propaganda to make it transparent to the public.

However, there are red flags in China and in particular Huaw5g photo

ei that has introduced 5G technology to educate the public about the propaganda of those who seek to advance this ecosystem, which people Many well-educated people are asking, is this propaganda a ‘contemplation or envy?

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