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Why USA Changed Its Position From Confidence to Conflict



So far, 40 states including Washington DC, and four other suburbs have all suffered the most from the spread of COVID-19, the most unprecedented situation in US history.

Since January 3, China has reported the epidemic to WHO and several countries, including the United States.

According to US media reports, HHS President Alex Azar reported to President Donald Trump, on January 18 and at the end of January about the outbreaks.

In addition, a number of government officials, advisors and experts in the intelligence service have also confirmed the threat, and said that necessary measures must be taken. But until January 21, when the first cases of the disease were discovered in the country, the cause of the disease has not yet been established.

On January 29, the White House formed the Committee to Prevent COVID-19, but focused on issues such as deportation of foreigners.

On February, 29 the state of Washington reported the first death from the disease in the US, and a state of emergency was declared. Since then, many states have also declared such a state of emergency.

On March 13, Donald Trump announced that the United States has declared a state of emergency, as a result of the COVID-19 flu epidemic, and that it has begun work on the virus in all its forms. It has now been 70 days since the government was warned of the plague.

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