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Covid19: The Bauchi Governor bans Tafsir, Ittikafi, and Tahajjud



Bala a. Muhammed

The Bauchi State government has taken steps to ban public prayers observers, Tahajjud, and Tarawi prayers during Ramadan for protection against the Covid19 pandemic.

The government said this year the teachers were only allowed to sit down to translate the material into public radio and television, while the governor has vowed to provide the necessary interpreters.

The governor of Bauchi State, Bala A. Muhammad, made this known yesterday while giving a direct address to the people of the state who are suffering from the global virus epidemic.

On the one hand, the governor has vowed to ensure the provision of infrastructure for the people of the state as they take appropriate steps to fight Coronavirus.

Governor Bala also said that it was forbidden to gather for Friday prayers and to go to church to worship on Sunday and all other public gatherings that include crowds and camouflage to protect themselves from the disease.

“The documentary will be broadcast by radio and television, with the translator only giving permission to the translator this year. The government has looked at how it would handle the translations of the relevant mosques in the radio stations, ”he said.

The governor testified that the foreigners in the state would be sent back to their country of origin to protect them from the disease.

He said all measures had been taken with the approval of stakeholders, including clerics, kings, and church members, over the disease caused by Coronavirus.

“In the past, we wanted to close the Bauchi coast and look at the steps, but now we see the need to take the next step in realizing that the disease has returned to Kano state and we have to discuss it. Let’s see what to do.

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“Our talks with leaders this month indicate that Ramadan should be imposed on Tahajjud and Ittikaf. And the Friday party, but local prayer prayers are allowed to continue but no longer than ten minutes and we would like the mosques to have a nose-and-mouth mask, hand protection, the government will look on that.

“Carriers have been shut down by all the illegal channels. Back to where people are taken and stored. And given the interruption it will be enforced, people will not be deterred, but the interruption is a must, ”Bala said.

Bala Muhammad said Keke-Napep owners would only take two passengers, saying Achaba’s work was banned in the state, “The government has looked at appropriate measures to increase bicycle-sharing rates with the public.” the right people to do business with them. ”

He later banned students from all quarters, saying sadly, “But Islamic schools will continue to go unless food will be provided for them to feed.”

Governor Muhammad Muhammad said the entire state-owned market was closed to vendors and grocery stores, as well as the supply of Supper Markets, saying the closure of the entire market would start from next Sunday.

The governor said all the other supermarkets in the state will also be closed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays because people buy food.

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