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Couples Arrested for Using their 7years Son for Rituals in Ogun State



Ogun State Police Command arrested the herbalist Lajuwon Ogunleye and his wife Adetut Apalaya on the charge of plotting and killing their 7-year-old son, Pelumi Apalaya, along with one Fatai Sefiu.

The suspects were arrested in connection with the suspicion of the neighbors of using the little boy for a ritual, because he supposedly slipped and died without getting sick.

Apparently they were monitored by the residents of the commune after they took the boy to the bush for burial. It was collected that some of the body parts of the boy who had been buried in a “standing position” were collected by an herbalist who is his stepfather, his mother and Sefiu who is a friend of his father.

Ogun State Police spokesman, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said Abark Division police officer Tarkighir Joseph led the detectives to the bush in the Iwopin area on the Ijebu coast, where the suspects were rounded.

Said Oyeyemi;

“The suspects led the policemen to the victim’s burial site and it was discovered that the deceased was buried in a standing position.

“During the interrogation, a second suspect, Fatai Sefiu, told the detectives that the stepfather was used for the ritual by the stepfather in consultation with the mother of the deceased boy. He further stated that the couple had reached the conclusion before joining the company.

“The mother of the victim Adetutu Apalaya, who denied for the first time that she knew that her husband was planning to use her son for a ritual, was stunned when asked if she followed them to the bush where her son was buried, and how to bury the boy. ”

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Police Commissioner Kenneth Ebrimson ordered the case transferred to the Homicide Department of the Investigation and Criminal Intelligence Department (SCIID) for further investigation and prosecution.

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