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Covid19: FirstBank Staff Died of Coronavirus in Kano



Covid19 in Kano State

The management of FirstBank Nigeria Plc on Saturday confirmed the death of Abdullahi Lawal, one of the employees of his branch in Kano Main.

In a statement issued on Saturday to mourn the deceased, Folake Ani-Mumuney, head of the group, marketing and corporate communication, asked the family for the possibility of lonely despair.

“Our thoughts and prayers are now with his family because we are doing everything necessary to support them. We ask that all necessary courtesies be extended to the family so that they can despair privately, “he said on Saturday.

He also added that colleagues and clients who had contact with the late Mr. Lawal should isolate themselves in accordance with the guidelines of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

“As a responsible corporate organization, FirstBank was at the forefront of joint efforts against the coronavirus pandemic along with others,” he said.

“We have developed strong agreements, including social evacuation, frequent disinfection of our buildings and premises, and even at the same time ensure that services are provided through our alternative channels (such as ATMs and other digital platforms).

“Therefore, when disinfecting the entire site, we immediately turned off access to the site and asked all employees and customers who may be in contact with our deceased colleagues to abide by NCDC guidelines and isolate themselves.

“Of course, we will provide all possible support to employees and customers at this difficult time.”

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