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Coronavirus in Kano: The virus has infected 139 people



The health ministry in the northwestern state of Kano said Wednesday that 24 more persons have been confirmed dead as a result of cholera outbreak in the state.

This means that the number of people living with the virus in the state has risen to 139 since the outbreak in the state.

A report released by the National Disease Control and Prevention Agency (NCDC) in Nigeria shows that Kano is the third most populated country after the death of 931 people in the capital Abuja, with 174 people.

On April 11, authorities in Kano announced the first infected person and since then there has been an increase in the number of people affected by the outbreak, and continued tests in the state after a delay. resulted in an increase in the number of infected persons.

The 24-person NCDC report released Wednesday night shows the growing epidemic in

Kano State.

There has been a steady increase in deaths among people in the state, but the state government says there has been no increase in deaths from cholera.

.The Federal Government has dispatched a team of senior health officials to the state to investigate and address the problem.

Currently the disease is spreading in neighboring states of Kano – Katsina has 40, Jigawa has 7, Bauchi has 29 and Kaduna has 32.

According to a statement issued by the NCDC on Twitter, as of Wednesday night, 1,728 people were arrested in 34 states, including Abuja. Of that number, 307 were cured and even discharged from the hospital.

But the death toll from the disease has increased, with a total of 51 people stranded in the truth.

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