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Rome, Fonseca wants Pedro and the confirmation of the big names



With Spanish the conversation has already started. Pellegrini and Zaniolo remain firm points of the yellow and red chessboard.

The market that Fonseca would like. The coach still hopes that the championship can resume, in any formula, he has tried not to make the team lose concentration in these two months of work at home. But in the meantime, think of the Roma that will come, with all the unknown factors related to the difficult period we are experiencing. In the long days spent at home, the Portuguese coach is watching many games, both in the Italian and foreign league. The virtual market of Fonseca has many fixed points. Starting from the confirmation of Pellegrini and Zaniolo. The technician will ask the company for any effort to retain the two jewels and make them the cornerstones of the team of the future. The Portuguese doted on Pellegrini who considered the center of Rome and considered Zaniolo the most interesting young man in Italian football. Maybe it went unnoticed, but the team’s winter downturn coincided with the blue injury.

If Roma manages to arm the two of them, in addition to the confirmation of Smalling and Mkhitaryan, Fonseca could be considered quite satisfied, because without the injuries this season the team is competitive and will need few adjustments.

necessary to intervene above all on the sides. The Portuguese’s favorite player is Pedro, who is released from Chelsea in June . Petrachi had tried it already in January, before turning on Carles Perez, but the Blues had rejected the loan request. Fonseca is convinced that the Spaniard, despite being almost 33 years old, can make a couple of seasons at a high level and improve Roma in terms of goals. The Giallorossi club had already made contact with the player’s entourage, offering an engagement of three million per season.

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