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Kannywood residents mourn the death of Ubale Washing



Ubale Washing

The producers of the Kannywood Hausa films offer their condolences with the death of their colleague Ubale Ibrahimda, known as Ubale Wanke-Wanke.

Ubale died Thursday afternoon in Kano and has already been buried on Friday at 8:00 am in Rangaza, Kano.

Ubale has spent a long time suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease that frequently afflict him.

Mansura Isah, the wife of Sani Danja, told the BBC: “But this time the disease has become chronic.

“We never expected that it would rise, we thought the pain would be as simple and normal as possible,” she said.

It was Sani Danja and his wife Mansura who are the Ubale family in the industry who first announced his death on their social networking site.

Kannywood stars such as Ali Noah, Jacob Mummahd, Mercy Sadau, Maryam Booth, Falalu Dorayi and Ado Gwanja all posted their condolences and condolences on their Instagram pages.

Although Ubale has been a long-time shooter in Kannywood, he has not been very famous, and he has made many short films.

Ubale has also appeared in Sani Danja’s films, but has appeared in several films, but has not appeared in films lately.

“He has not made a film for a long time, but we are working with the NGO to help the less fortunate,” Ansura said.

Ubale is a native of Murtala Mountains in Kano. He is survived by one wife and six children.

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