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Before Election, Atiku increased His Workers’ Minimum Wage to N33,000 But After Election, He Sacked them



It has been the talk in town how currupt and selfish our leaders could be.

People around the nation have been wondering what could be the reason for Atiku to sack his workers after he has increased there minimum wage. Could it be that he wanted to use this to win the past election?

Atiku photo

Photo by Atiku Abubakar

According to makinde doyin, who resides along rugga market MARARABA in NASARAWA state said he was among the beneficiary of the increase in minimum wage , but was shocked when Atiku suspended and later sacked them.

It’s has been rumored that this act was due to the Coronavirus pandemic which has swallowed down the success of so many businesses. But the people are beginning to ask questions on this act.

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