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Coronavirus: The Epidemic is more than 2 times a week in Northern Nigeria




The number of Corona cases in Nigeria has risen from 410 a week, from Monday 27 April to 1,301 on Monday, May 4, in northern Nigeria.

The figures show that the epidemic has more than doubled in seven days between 18 states and the federal capital of Abuja, beginning with the outbreak in the north.

In Kano, which has the highest number of outbreaks in the north, the number of cases has nearly quadrupled in the same period.

NCDC figures show that 77 people were diagnosed with the disease by the end of April, compared with 365 a week later.


Already, the federal government has dispatched a team of doctors to go and help curb the spread of virus and recent overcrowding in the state.

As of Monday, May 4, 147 people have been confirmed to be re-infected in ten states, including the city of Abuja.

The number of infected people in neighboring states of Kano, Katsina and Jigawa, is on the rise, according to NCDC statistics.

However, in Jigawa State, an additional 32 people were killed in the outbreak, leaving 39 people dead.

The outbreak began in the northern part of Abuja on Friday, March 20, when Mohammed Atiku was taken ill after returning from a trip abroad.

On Tuesday, March 24, the outbreak was declared in the first state in the north, apart from the capital Abuja, where Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi was infected.

So far, only Kogi State has had the disease out of the entire region.

Meanwhile, the outbreak began to be officially halted after the Bureau of Disease Control on Monday, March 23, declared it was the first case of a pandemic.

Sulaiman A-Ci-Mugu’s family said he died Sunday before announcing the matter to the public.

Mallam Abba Kyari is the highest-ranking official in Nigeria who died after the disease was revealed in Abuja. He died on Friday April 17th.

Experts say the epidemic has already begun to spread among the population and that northern states are one of the areas still struggling with the epidemic.

Recently, the Kaduna government said more than 60 students were found to have recovered from the Kano virus.

Still some are attributing the increase to these demographics and the growing popularity of the tests, thanks to the increasing number of laboratories in the area.



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