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Baseball Player Revealed that he found out his Family was Murdered on Facebook



Baseball player revealed that he found his family murdered on Facebook

Baseball player Blake Bivens said he was at the airport when he logged into Facebook and found his family murdered.

The Little League pitcher of the Tampa Bay Rays Farms, Bevens, said at a service on Sunday at the River Church in Danville, Virginia.

The 24-year-old Bivens Naratting was shot and killed in August last year by his wife, son and mother-in-law of the wife: “The headlines I saw were two women and a child gone.”

He added in a confession posted on Facebook: “I knew it was them immediately. I found my family was missing the Facebook headlines. I immediately started screaming in the middle of the airport.

Bivens’ wife Emily, 25, Cullen, 14-month-old son, Joan Bernard, Emily’s mother, and 64-year-old pet dog were found killed at their home in Killeen, Virginia, while Bivens traveled with Montgomery cookies.

His female brother, 19-year-old Matthew Bernard, was arrested after leading the police chase naked and charged with three counts of murder. Police said that according to ESPN’s search warrant, the shooting may have “religious motives”.

A hearing is scheduled to be held next week to see if Bernard has enough capacity to stand trial.

Bivens has never stopped posting messages of condolences to his family through Instagram. He spoke on the radio for more than 30 minutes, detailing how he first checked his phone, and also packaged a day trip bus tour He thought of terrible news. .

He said: “There is no news from Emily or anyone. I know what happened at that time, I immediately called my parents. They are trying to figure out what happened. I know I need to put Put my things together. I may need to go home to the airport, not sure what happened. ”

He continued to discuss heartbreaking travel.

He said: “The only thing I really remember during the flight was a period of time.” “I have been staring at the back of the seat, trying to surround my thoughts with what I heard.”

“It’s almost like, ‘This didn’t actually happen.’ I was more shocked. I will experience some shaking.” “Then I will start to lose a little bit, and then collapse and cry. It’s a bit like a circle. The flight of the plane As if they were gone forever. ”

Bivens admits that without his three baseball team members joining, the journey home “may be a lot worse for me”

He said: “I think the most difficult time for me was when I got home and walked into my son’s bedroom for the first time and realized that I would never see him again on earth.” “That was my life The worst moment in. Nothing can feel what I felt at the time. ”

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