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Bandits are Disturbing the People of Katsina State- Gov Masari tells Security Agency



Governor Masari

Governor Aminu Masari appealed to the security agency for help for residents of a state concerned about banditry.

The governor condemned the attacks, welcoming Leo Irabor, head of training and defense operations, and other senior officers from the defense headquarters in Abuja.

Governor Masari, who said the bandits’ attacks are becoming overwhelming, said the inhabitants live in fear after more than 50 people were killed in two weeks.

Masari said;

“We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the security agency in the fight against banditry, but we must also state that the situation has become so overwhelming. We lacked words to convince our people that we are at the top of the situation.


“Over time, they lose confidence in us as their leaders, who are responsible for providing them with life and property.

“I am very saddened by the current situation, because for most of our people in the troubled areas of COVID-19 is not even a problem.

“He may have taken over the world and news about him, but not here. Attacks of armed bandits have become a daily matter. We lost over 50 people in about two weeks. At home and within the available resources, we provided support to security agencies.

“We even mediated in peace through amnesty and reconciliation. Some of the bandits repented and joined us in battle, but they were overwhelmed by those repentant who are more sophisticated.

“I use this opportunity to inform the defense staff that our people have begun to come up with the idea of ​​fighting the bandits, regardless of the consequences. We strive to stop them and ensure that our security agencies are in the best position. “

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