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Man Slaps Brother in law for asking his wife on delivery pains where his memory card was



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Mr Ademola Olorunshola took his wife to gurku medical center where his wife was going through birth pain, the baby was coming.

After sometime at the medical center, Mr Ademola brother in-law came in asking the sister in pain where she kept her memory card. This got Mr Ademola angry and slapped the in-law.

It lead to chaos as there was exchange of words and violent act from this two at the medical center.

Tropics report that Mr Ademola reacted in that manner because he was at the top of his voice shouting “Do you have no sympathy for my wife”

An information we got from Harrison Vincent who was at the hospital for treatment said it was a funny scene from the two. And he further said he least expected that act from a brother whose sister is in birth pain.

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