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Why I stopped kissing women in Nollywood films – Ali Nuhu



Ali Nuhu

Kannywood star Ali Nuhu says he no longer kisses or embraces women in southern Nigeria because of his culture and religion.

In an interview on Instagram on Tuesday, the popular movie actor said he would never give up his film career.

Responding to a listeners’ reaction to a situation that could lead to kissing or kissing a woman in Nollywood, Ali Nuhu said that “in recent years you have noticed that I have made such films. but later when I saw the complaints, people saw that you are an ambassador for the North … and a Muslim … that’s why I am not coming out in those movies. ”

The star said no one helped him when he started filming.

According to him, he could not determine the number of films that appeared in thm, saying that some of them were also renamed before coming out so he could not keep their names.

The star, who is nicknamed King in the Kannywood films, says filming is the best thing in his life as a teenager so his ultimate goal is to see a positive change in his life.

For more than 20 years, Nuhu has starred in Kannywood and Nollywood films, winning awards both within and outside Nigeria.

Ali Nuhu

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