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Man shot dead in front of his Girlfriend in Rivers State



Rivers State Police is currently investigating the murder of a young man, Leonard Chika, in front of his girlfriend on the 3-mile axis of Diobu, Port Harcourt, Friday, Friday. May 15.

A facebook user Ezebunwo Ichemati who shared the story online wrote;

On May 15, 2020, this morning, another promising innocent life was cut off because of a misidentification on the Mile3 axis of Diobu in Port Harcourt this morning.

It started about 5 weeks ago, when it was a small-scale battle for who got the matching ground etiquette from the trader, and now the battle has gradually evolved into one of the two major cult organizations in the Mile3 Diobu In a comprehensive cult war, both sides are calculating personnel losses.

The River State Police Department, especially the Mile3 District Police Department, cannot pretend to be ignorant of about 4 cult-related murders, and recently killed the innocent young man named Leonard Chika, making the town A total of 5 people were killed in cold blood. Mile3 Diobu.

The deliberate silence and inaction of the River State Police Department made these daring people timid. They looted when they attacked their opponents outside and destroyed people ’s property while performing any mission.

“Leo is a friend, a very diligent young man, as long as it is legal, no matter how insignificant, he does not mind doing anything to make a living. Early tofay, those who cannot give lives shot and kill him with cold blood in front of his fiancé.”

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