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Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko mourns the death of her father



Destiny Etiko
Destiny Etiko

Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko mourns the death of her father in sorrow. She announced her father’s death in a post on the Instagram page.

In a post on Friday, she described her father as a smart person and added that there was no substitute for the bond she shared with her father.

“My heart was torn to pieces, RIP dad”-actress Destiny Etiko lost dad.

“I still can’t believe that the man who gave me life is gone. Dad, when I told you I was going to be an actress, you always loved me and supported me, you prayed for me and told me , I will always succeed and stand out from everything I do … Now I’m making you proud, now death has taken you away from us”.

“My heart is broken into pieces, I am not sure if I can leave a part of my soul father for you …. My close relationship with you still makes me unable to believe that you have passed away, father OBI AGBAWA M OOOO, my principal, my Yibao pepper, is a smart person and the best person in the ETIKO family, “she cried.

She added:

“It’s never going to be good for the evil doers IJN Amen. This year, was just like a virus that attacked me, and it was too difficult for my father to let go.


Destiny Etiko

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