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Suspected Killers of Unijos Lecturer has being arrested by the Police



Unijos Lecturer killer

Plateau State Police Command arrested bandits who reportedly killed a lecturer at Jos University, Dr. Nendi Drengkat.

The gunslingers attacked Jos Staff Quarters University on Friday evening, shot Dr. Drengkat and kidnapped his 6-year-old daughter, Joanna Drenkat. They later called the family asking for a 10 million ransom.

The State Commissioner Edward Chuka Egbuka, who revealed this on Sunday during a parade with a suspect at the state police station, also said that the daughter of the killed lecturer and one other person were rescued during a duel with a kidnapper in the hills of Babale Jos North Local Government Area of plateau.

“On May 16, 2020, around 00:30, the command received a call for assistance on the way to the 6th quarters of senior staff at Jos University, where some hooligans entered the home of one of Dr. Nandi Drenkat, a lecturer at the University of Jos, where he was shot, and his six-year-old daughter was kidnapped, “reads the statement.

“Immediately the command received information, on the same day, about 0530 hours, a combined team of conventional policemen, mobile men, agents from the anti-kidnapping unit, a group of guards and hunters were deployed in hilly areas where a suspected kidnap victim was suspected.

The scene had to be preserved, and the kidnappers were noticed on the hill, and between the agents and the kidnappers there was a gun duel.

At that time, one of the kidnappers, Ali Mohammed “m” from Narabi, was shot on the right leg and arrested with one AK 47 rifle in violation of number 1984 / AP 0240, and 29 live ammunition shells were also recovered from him.

Unijos Lecturer killer

Kidnapped victim Chiboze Joseph ‘m’ was saved unscathed, while other bandits escaped with blood injuries. During the interrogation, the suspect confessed to having committed a crime.

The case is under investigation and will be judged by the court as soon as possible.

“According to the above incident, the secret service team worked tirelessly. In about 1600 hours, they expanded the last kidnapped victim to the Baba Mountain in LGA, north of Choba, and saw the combined team and the rogue opened fire on them. After the rogue, the rescue of the six-year-old uninjured victim of the kidnapped Joanna Drenkat.

The Commissioner of Police is seeking useful information from the public to assist in arresting fugitives.

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