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INFINIX NOTE 7 takes the video to a higher level



Infinix Note 7

Infinix Mobile was launched in 2013 for the younger generation and is an advanced online-driven smartphone brand. Infinix takes “Now is the future” as the essence of the brand and aims to make consumers stand out from the crowd and show their true identity to the world. Infinix is ​​committed to providing the most cutting-edge technology, bold and stylish design so that consumers keep the trend and stay up to date. Infinix’s product portfolio covers 5 product lines-Zero, NOTE, HOT S, and SMART; authorized users have innovative technologies and experience smart lifestyles! Infinix has operations in more than 40 countries around the world, covering Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. For more information, please visit:


NOTE 7 1080P low-light camera can play all-important roles even in the dark

Shooting video in low light has never been easier. With the excellent low-light performance of NOTE 7, through its 30 frames / second, 1080P low-light camera with a recording capacity of 2.8 μm pixels, users can capture every detail and color even without a flash. The unique low-light camera makes NOTE 7 stand out from other mobile products in its target market.

Infinix Note 7

Video Caption with NOTE 7 1080P low-light camera

Note 7 Super stable action lens enables users to shoot like a professional

Among the multiple shooting modes of NOTE 7, super stable action shooting is another highlight. The camera lens can help achieve this shooting by accurately sensing the video without blurring and shaking; the moment of an unforgettable happy time. The user was shown the ability to shoot clear videos and “pause” the operation for a moment. Even the video taken from a ship on a rocky sea, or the video of a ski fanatic who jumped off a snow slope, can fully express the awesome movements of the moment accurately.


Vidhance video enhancement technology on NOTE 7

Vidhance is an outstanding software developed by the Swedish company Imint. It was originally developed for military-grade aerial shooting technology. It is the hero behind the scenes and provides strong support for the powerful camera functions of NOTE 7. It has many advanced algorithms that can be applied to the camera to improve the quality of the video produced. Its video stabilization function encourages users to roam everywhere, and feel free and safe, because the stabilization function can completely eliminate unexpected movements, but only retain the intentional part, and all in real-time.

Hong Ke, Senior Director of Infinix Mobile’s products, shared his views on exciting partnerships and their potential to inspire consumers, “Infinix is ​​committed to providing an excellent smartphone experience through the latest innovative technologies in the industry. The integration of the partnership between Vidhance and Imint proves that unparalleled video enhancement technology can bring deep inspiration to consumers and thus create an excellent visual experience. We look forward to working closely with Imint to stimulate more creativity in the future.

Imint continues to redefine the way people experience video on the devices they use most often. Smartphones and videos are everywhere in modern life, whether through social media sharing or real-time communication. With the continuous popularity of video-based content creation and communication, we are developing tools to unleash the next wave of creativity and connections between people. “Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO of Imint, said. The addition of Vidhance software has greatly improved the quality of the generated content and created a better end-user camera experience on NOTE 7, thereby making vision-oriented users addicted to the world of creativity.

NOTE 7’s slow-motion feature gives users the opportunity to experience more of the beauty of life

Note 7 has the function of slow-motion photography, which allows users to witness incredible events that they have never seen before, such as iridescent liquid ejected when bubbles pop up, or the surface of the water wrapped around the fish when the fish comes out of the pond tension. Slow-motion can create more emotional and romantic images because it allows people to focus on reality for only a few seconds. In the ever-changing world, with the help of the NOTE 7 slow-motion video function, users will find it refreshing to slow down and appreciate the beauty of life in seconds.

With NOTE 7, users will undoubtedly be inspired by the capture capabilities of their “newly developed” shooting function, even in extremely difficult situations to capture scenes and moments. Note7’s camera lens opens a window for the future of creativity. Just like Infinix has always been committed to bringing the “future” to consumers living in the “now”, this is a previously unspeakable possibility. For more information about the device, please visit Infinix Mobility’s website or follow its social media page @Infinixnigeria on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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