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No one can enter Kaduna from Kano – El Rufai



Kano state governor, Malam Nasir Elrufa’i has said that he will ensure no one will enter Kaduna on the day of eid prayer as the Kano state government has approved the eid and Friday prayers.

In an address to his constituents on Tuesday evening, Governor Elrufa’i said, “I myself will be on my way to Kaduna from Kano to see who will come into Kaduna.

The governor also accused security operatives of “betrayal”, saying security forces were recruiting people to allow them to enter Kaduna.

Unlike other states, Governor Elrufa’i said everyone should pray Friday and eid prayers at home to prevent the spread of corona that threatens the world.

Governor Elrufa’i did not say when the state was expected to open, and his deputy said they are still not satisfied with the present conditions in place regarding the virus and have not opened the state.

Finally, Malam Nasir El-Rufai gave a clever address to the scholars, saying, “Even in Mecca there is no prayer for the feast, but we here go to the mosque, for people to say that we have forbidden prayers in the mosque, and which they know the reason why” So God is enough.

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