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House of Representatives tells FG to Reopen Yaba Vaccin Production Lab



Nigeria house of Representatives

The House of Representatives has asked the federal government to take steps to reopen the Yaba vaccine production center, which was closed in 1991, and to ensure that the center immediately began producing vaccines locally.

The House of Representatives also invited the ministers and agencies under the Ministry of the Interior, as well as the executive directors of May and Baker Nigeria to interact with the relevant House committees on the possible legislative support to quickly track the production of vaccines in Nigeria.

The House of Representatives passed a bill sponsored by Rep. Chike John Okafor who urgently needs to speed up local vaccine production in Nigeria. The House of Representatives said that the restoration of the laboratory will save the country billions of naira in importing vaccines On the cost.

Moving this move, Rep Okafor said that the Yaba Vaccine Production Laboratory in Lagos was active in vaccine production for about six decades, between 1940 and 1991, producing large quantities of smallpox, rabies and yellow fever vaccines not only for Nigeria, but also for neighboring countries such as Cameroon and other African countries

He said the laboratory was closed by the federal government in 1991 to modernize the plant to ensure optimal production, but he regretted that a few years later the facility was still closed and the key to date without any hope of reopening.

Emphasizing the need for local vaccine production in the event of the COVID-19 pandemic and other diseases, the legislator recalled that in 2017 the federal government signed a partnership agreement with May and Baker Nigeria PLC to introduce Biovaccine Limited to start local vaccine production in Nigeria, However, the company has not yet started producing these live vaccines.

He said that currently, African countries such as South Africa, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Senegal have functional laboratories that produce vaccines for use and export.

Nigeria house of Representatives

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