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Singers have been ridiculed in northern Nigeria – Ali Jita



Well-known musician Ali Jita says that in northern Nigeria, people like him are taken for granted, while poets and filmmakers are considered worthless people.

Ali Jita said this in an interview, saying “we are being watched by people who are not blind.”

“Now you can see that the poets have started to speak English to attract non-Hausa speakers.

Some Hausa people don’t even want to listen to us and even pretend they don’t hear Hausa.”

As for his songs, Jita says he doesn’t know yet how many songs he has made but has an album called 10.

The famous singer says, “I used to go around the studio when I was a kid, and even when I started going to the studio for a song.

“When I got into the studio I heard my favourite song. Adam Zango called me Ali Jita.”

And with what name is his band, Jita says he doesn’t have a single band in his heart.

Jita said he started singing at an Islamic school and became the school’s lead singer.

Ali Jita said, “As I said in my article by World News that if your song ends you will return to it. My father is a professional dancer.”


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