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The court sentenced Jonah Yellow to 26 years in prison



Yenegoa High Court in Yenegoa, Bayelsa State sentenced Jonah Dahiru, now known as Jonah Yellow, to 26 years in prison on charges of transporting and abusing Ese Oruru.

In 2015, Ese Oruru’s parents accused Jonah Yellow of “kidnapping” their daughter and took her to Kano state, forced her to marry him and got her pregnant.

This issue has sparked controversy among southerners and northern Nigerians, especially after she declared that Ese Oruru had converted to Islam and left her Christian religion.

Ese Oruru became Aisha after she became a Muslim, but Kano state police said 13-year-old Ese Oruru was rescued.

The judge said Jonah Yellow was not found guilty of first-degree kidnapping, but said he was found guilty of trafficking minors and sexually assaulting them without consent.

Justice Jane Iyang finally sentenced the defendant to 26 years in prison.

However, Jonah Yellow appeal on the court’s ruling.

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