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When Governor Zulum visited the local government, senior LG officials were absent from work



Governor Babagana Zulum paid an unscheduled visit to six local governments in Borno State. He revealed that some officials were absent due to the absence of senior officials.

The governor of Borno State visited chibok, Bama, Gvoza, Danba, Kanduga and Akila-Uba LGAs before returning to the state capital of Meduguri on Thursday, May 21.

A statement issued by the governor ’s office showed that some of the secretariats in southern and central Borno were empty.

The statement is as follows:

“Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, senior officials in the Borno local government area were notorious because they gave up the local government’s operations in Maiduguri and only received FAAC assignments or knew that the governor was there Only returned there after a few days.

“There is no department head around, neither the secretary nor other key officials report on duty. Looking at the secretariat, there are termites everywhere, which shows that there is no one working in the secretariat. The government cannot allow this to continue.

“We are from Maiduguri to determine whether senior civil servants are present at Babagana Zulum their workplace. We have been begging them to conduct business in these local government areas so that citizens can feel the impact of governance at the grassroots level, but From all signs, many people did not listen.

“The government will take measures against delinquent officials because we cannot allow this system to continue.”


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