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Soldiers killed 200 armed bandits in Katsina and Zamfara



At least 200 armed bandits have been killed in Katsina and Zamfara states by the Nigerian Air Force.

The armed bandits were killed in an airstrike at Mai’aiai concentration camps in Jibia Local Government Area of ​​Katsina State and at Kurmin Kura camp in Zurmi Local Government Area of ​​Zamfara on Friday and Saturday.

In a statement posted on the Twiitter site by the Nigerian military, said the attack was initiated after a period of intelligence gathering where the bandits were using the two locations as their sources of their attacks.

Even on Tuesday and Friday, the Nigerian military managed to kill 135 bandits in attacks on the First and Second Sites of Abu Radde, as well as Dunya in the Jibya and Musa districts, Katsina State, according to the security department.

The attacks follow a presidential decree issued by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari last week to quell gunmen who were terrorizing Katsina state.

The state, which is the homeland of the president, is home to thieves and kidnappers.

Even Zamfara State has previously said things about the armed bandits and thieves who have taken over the state, but the clock seems to have begun to tick on their illegal activities.

Abudulrasheed Mubarak is a freelance content creator. He starting his writing career in 2011. He is a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi in Urban and Regional Planning.

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