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APC calls for direct polls for Edo election



Except for any last-minute change of mind,The All Progressive Congress(APC) insisted on accepting a direct principal body to select its candidate for the upcoming governorship election on September 19, 2020. In the state of Edo.

In some quarters, this decision is seen as part of the “big project” by the National Working Committee (NWC) accompanied by Adams Oshiomhole to stop Governor Godwin Obaseki from realizing his second term.

There is open knowledge that there was no loss of love between the two political gladiators due to various issues related to the management of the state Obaseki, who is distrustful of how the same model was used to expel former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos state, criticized the process on the pretext that it might unnecessarily expose citizens to a deadly coronavirus.

Mr Crusoe Osagie, his special adviser on media and communications strategy, said that there is no reason to gather more than 500,000 party members in the name of direct principals in violation of the COVID-19 regulations.

A faction of the state branch of the party led by Anselm Ojesua also believes that, according to the APC Constitution, NWC lacks the power to decide which major model to adopt, and instead prefers an indirect system.

As the controversy intensified, Prince Hilliard Eta, the vice chairman of the ruling group, insisted that they are not going to reverse its decision to adopt the “direct use of primary as it was in accordance with the Party Constitution. ”

He expressed shock at the dust generated by the statement. He said: “NWC has given instructions in accordance with the requirements of the Party Constitution. How could it cause controversy? You people are just making a mountain out of a molehill.

“Our traditional approach is that if a state starts with a specific primary model, then the governorship election is the culmination of the process.

If a state starts the primary election process from the Parliament, the House of Representatives and the Senate, then it will be the result of the Governor ’s election Reaching the peak.

If a state adopts a specific main route, it will end along the same route. This is the tradition of all these times. The Edo era begins with direct primary elections and must end with direct primary elections. “

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