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Coronavirus: 249 people have died so far from coronavirus in Nigeria



New figures released by the Commission on Disease Control on Tuesday night show that the number of covid19 cases has risen to 8,344 in Nigeria.

Estimates show that 276 people have been infected, bringing the total number of cases to 8,344.

The agency also said there were 249 dead across the country.

Lagos is still at the top of the list with 161 new infections while Rivers is second with 36 new cases.

Edo State has 27 new cases, while Kaduna have identified 19 new cases.

There are 10 new cases in Nasarawa State, 6 in Oyo, 4 in Kano and 3 new cases in Delta state.

Other states on the list include Ebonyi with 3 new cases, Gombe 2 new cases and 1 case in Ogun.

There’s only one covid19 case registered in Ondo, Borno, Abia and Bauchi.

However, as the number of people who get infected increases, so does the number of people who have been discharged. Currently, 2,385 people have been confirmed to be discharged and cured in Nigeria.

Almost half of the victims are in Lagos, Nigeria’s most affected state. It now has 3,756 infected people.

Kano State has the second highest number of infected persons in the country with 923 victims, while Abuja has the third highest number of infections with 519 victims.

No Coronavirus case has officially been reported in Kogi and Cross River states, but some say there may be outbreaks, just because people in those states have not been tested.

Abudulrasheed Mubarak is a freelance content creator. He starting his writing career in 2011. He is a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi in Urban and Regional Planning.

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