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Romina Ashrafi: Police arrest man who killed his daughter in Iran



Romina's father is alleged for raping her

Police in northern Iran have arrested a man accused of killing his 14-year-old daughter “in order to protect his family” in a scandal that is making the rounds in the country.

Romina Ashraf fled her home in Gilan County with her 35-year-old boyfriend after her father refused to allow her to marry him according to local media.

Police found the two lovers and sent Romina home despite reports the father was a threat to her life.

Last Thursday night, it was alleged that her father assaulted her in the middle of nowhere.

It was reported that Romina had “strangled” her and that her father had just left the house “with  a weapon in his hand and claimed to have killed her”.

On Wednesday, several national newspapers published the news of the murder of Romina as their main story.

Twitter users created the #Romina_Ashrafi# to condemn the killing and has been used more than 50,000 times.

Shahindokht Molaverdi, a former vice president of women’s and family affairs and secretary of the Iran’s women’s rights organization, tweeted: ” Romina will not be the first woman and the last woman to be killed because of “Protecting family reputation”.

She added that such killings would continue “unless cultural and moral standards are adhered to and justice prevails.

Romina Ashrafi

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