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I will not stop arresting anyone found guilty of corruption – Buhari



Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has said he is still watching, that anyone arrested for corruption has to be jailed.

President Buhari’s spokesman, Femi Adesina, quoted President Buhari in a statement five years since he took office.

The Nigerian president outlined three areas that he said were the main issues he focused on.

“In the fight against corruption, there is no relenting. If anyone commits a crime, he will go to jail. There is no escape, no retreat,” the president said.

President Buhari also listed his own achievements in fighting insecurity that has plagued the country, saying that in the past tensions had surfaced in Nigeria but now there has been a change.

“In May 2015, insecurity problems was rampant in the northeast because of the activities of boko haram militants. Nobody expected the country to last a month, not even a year. The bombs went off like toys. They had invaded and taken over some local government areas in the northeast.

In five years, we have reduced the level of attacks and damaged caused by the insurgents and they have been technically defeated.

President Buhari says he has succeeded in boosting the country’s economy, saying oil is no longer the main source of revenue.

“Agriculture is flourishing, industrial growth is being developed, and mining is helping to boost the economy. The country is on the verge of becoming self-reliant on food production, where rice and beans are now produced as well as corn, millet and whole grains, ”said President Buhari.

But despite the achievements of the Nigerian president, observers say things have gone awry, saying the government needs to step up and change the lives of Nigerians.

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