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Nigeria’s covid19 cases quadruple



The Nigerian Medical Association says the number of covid19 victims in the country is four times higher than the number reported by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

As of Wednesday, the NCDC said that 8,733 people had been infected.

But the chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, Francis Faduyile, said that they were debating the validity of these figures.

He said: “We are concerned because the published numbers of infected people are very much different from the actual figures we know or those we expect will be announced.

In this situation, we know that we are less than four times the size of the number of victims released.

There are a lot of people who show that they have Covid-19 but they wait three to five days before their test results are announced. So there are a lot of infected people whose results are not announced. “

It has long been feared that there are many people who are dying of the virus of what is believed to be a contagious disease in Kano and Lagos.

A delegation sent by the federal government to Kano state and other northern states is investigating the incident and said they identified seven causes of death.

Dr. Nicaise Ndembi, who works at the Nigerian Centre for disease Control said he fears that the virus will spread from Kano to neighboring states.

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