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The 16 civil society groups will look into how Abacha’s money will be spent



The Nigerian government has today closed its receipts from civil society organizations, who are working with the government to monitor the spending of more than $300 million allegedly stolen during the regime of late General Sani Abacha.

In April last year, the Nigerian government was able to withdraw funds from the United States after signing a memorandum of understanding, including setting up a civil society organization to monitor the spending.

A total of 16 civil society groups have expressed interest in working closely with the Nigerian government on how it will spend the money it receives from the US, of $300 million.

The agreement comes after reaching an agreement with the United States Government on the Island of New Jersey, that the money will be used to continue the construction of a pair of double-lane roads  from Abuja to Kano and  the second Niger Bridge in south eastern Nigeria.

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