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Pay Compensation to victims of Human rights abuse – Amnesty International



Amnesty International says it is “time to compensate” for more than 3,600 children detained for allegedly participating in Boko Haram activities.

The call for Amnesty is contained in a May 2020 document published by a 10-year investigation into northeastern Nigeria, where both Nigerian and Boko Haram forces have committed child abuse cases.

Amnesty accuses the Nigerian government of abusing children by refusing to implement its Safe Corridor reform program. She said they have been detained without trial and not in the proper way.

“The Nigerian military have detained thousands of boys and girls during this conflict, many for months or years. The United Nations reports that more than 3,600 children have been detained, which is believed to be higher,” Amnesty said.

Boko Haram has also been blamed for arson attacks by burning schools and homes, which have displaced thousands of children.

Amnesty said: “As of May 2013, young children were among the victims of school attacks, kidnapping and forcing them to become armed members of book haram as well as forced child marriages.

Finally, Amnesty International appealed to the International Court of Justice to expedite its initial investigation into war crimes on both sides.

It also said one of the solution to the problems was “both parties have to pay compensation under international law”.

“The Nigerian government must immediately release all detainees who are detained or prosecuted in accordance with the Nigerian constitution and the treaties it has signed.

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