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Trump has not sent any respiratory equipment to Nigeria – Lai Muhammed



Nigeria’s Information Minister Kai Muhammed said the country has not yet received any respiratory equipment from U.S President Donald Trump pledged which he pledged to give Nigeria in April.

Lai Mohammed denied Mr Trump’s statement last week that he had sent 1,000 respiratory equipment to Nigeria.

He added that the Nigerian government would be notified as soon as the equipment arrive in the country.

President Trump promised to send a respirator when he telephoned President Muhammadu Buhari on April 28. He said the US government wants to help Nigeria fight against the covid19 pandemic.

Last week, when he visited Ford’s truck company in Michigan, Mr Trump said his country will send 1000 respiratory equipment to Nigeria.

So far, 8,915 people have been infected with coronavirus in Nigeria, with 259 deaths.

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