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Coronavirus: NNPC raises 21 billion naira aid in the fight against Covid19



The NNPC says it has donated around 21 billion naira for the Nigerian government to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Mele Kyari, the president of the NNPC, said on Saturday said that it had raised the funds in collaboration with their partners.

Mele Kyari said they have given funds to two government hospitals to treat the sick. One is in Utako and another in Maitama.

Last week, the NNPC, which is owned by the federal government, said it would provide the country 11 billion naira.

However, Mele Kyari said that the amount had now increased and that there were other non-cash subsidies.

“We have given the go-ahead to test the government’s efforts with our oil and gas companies and support our situation,” Mele Kyari said.

He added: “Last week we said we would contribute 11 billion but now the figure is 21 billion, which we all have to give.

“As usual in this sector, everyone will be bringing their goods and we will not take anyone’s credit. We will tell people what we want to do and how we are going to help.

“Even today we have five ambulances and every week we will look to provide more.”

Presently, 9,484 people have been infected with coronavirus in Nigeria out of that number, 2,697 have recovered and 261 peole have died.

Amaka Odinakachi, a born writer. She started writing at 12, when she won the best writer in High School. Since then she stated to chase her dreams.

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