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Lagos State will Re-open schools on the orders of NCDC – Folashade Adefisayo



The Lagos state government will continue to rely on the Federal government recommendations including that of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, (NCDC) in deciding when schools will re-open.

Folashade Adefisayo who is the commissioner for education in Lagos state, said the Lagos state government is currently in talks with the Federal government as regards the date for school resumption.

Both the Lagos state as well as the Federal government are relying solely on the guidelines of the NCDC.

She said that the Lagos state government will continue to give update to the public if any decision has been taken but it will rely on the go ahead of NCDC and this administration will not take any decision unilaterally as Covid19 affects the whole country and the world at large.

She reiterated that they would be monitoring the situation to see what happens next and they will keep working with the Federal government to reopen schools in the country.

She continued by saying that if they are sure that the children will be safe, then they will order schools to re-open.

She also added that if necessary precautions and guidelines have been taken and completed by health officials and the health authority gives the order for schools to re-open then the necessary adjustments will be taken and schools will be expected to adhere to specific guidelines on the commencement of school activities.

She said that it is expected that a model for all sates to follow will be worked out in the future.

She added that we shouldn’t rush to re-open schools so as to not expose the most vulnerable segment of our population which is the children. Since they love to play together and children will be children.

She further stressed one of the options being considered for reopening of schools will be to sectionalizing classes for all tiers, before deciding on reopening schools.

On May 27, the Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiubu made this known made this known at the PTF press briefing on Covid19 in Abuja, that they are considering starting morning and afternoon classes when school finally resumes.

The Minister said during the press briefing that they will publish the specification on how the reopening will look like.

He also said that the private schools must adhere to the same standard in order to allow their children to go in.

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