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Convicted rapist should be given harsh sentence – Senate President Ahmad Lawan



Nigerian Senate President Ahmad Lawan has urged the authorities to give harsh sentences against anyone found guilty of rape.

Ahmad Lawan made the call during Tuesday’s Senate meeting.

He did not elaborate on what he meant by “harsh sentence”.

He was calling for a national condemnation of the rape of women in different parts of the country.

One of them was Uwa, who was raped in a church in Edo state and died in the process.

According to the Senate president, “a string of penalties for such offenders will stop perpetrators of such violence”.

What happened to Uwa

According to sources, 22-year-old Uwa, was raped at a church near University of Benin in Edo state.

The issue has been particularly interesting on the Internet, where the #JusticeForUwa theme was created to ensure justice for the Mother.

Already, the state governor, Godwin Obaseki has ordered the state police force to investigate and prosecute anyone involved in the incident.

On Wednesday, the 22-year-old student of microbiology went to the Redeemed church near the university to study as usual, where she was found abandoned on the floor.

Uwa is said to have been hit on the head by a fire extinguisher after being raped.

The victim’s mother, Judith Omozuwa, said that she had three days to go to the hospital.

“At about 6pm on Saturday my i was called from the church to go and they didn’t know what happened to my daughter. A woman who found my my daughter said she found her lying in blood.

She added: “They raped her, because she never knew a boy. I would like to see those who raped her to get punishment.”

Judith said they had already taken the matter to the state police, but security officials believe Uwa died as a result of her disagreement with some persons who are residents of Ikpoba Hill, where she lives.

Edo State Police Spokesperson, DSP Chidi Nwabuzor, said that investigations had already begun since the girl’s story appeared on social networking media.

The incident has caught the attention of Nigerians where some have criticized the issue on social media, urging governments and stakeholders to demand that Uwa’s murders be held accountable.

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