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Nasarawa state SSG Accused for the Misappropriation of N1 Billion Naira, Expected to Refund N248 Million



The ad-hoc committee in Nasarawa state probing the alleged misappropriation of N1 billion given for the renovation or fencing of a secondary schools has requested a former Commissioner for Education now the Secretary to the state government, Mr. Aliyu Tijani to return the sum of 248.5 million naira which was not accounted for to the state.

The Committee which was headed by Mr Daniel Ogazi, mentioned this while presenting the report to the committee during a proceeding in the state capital, Lafia, on Monday.

Mr.Ibrahim Abdullahi who is the speaker of the State House of Assembly, received the report and fixed today (Tuesday) for deliberation to be held on the submitted report.

Ogazi expressed that the former state Commissioner for Education has displayed incompetence and ineffectiveness in the performance of his duties while in office at the time.

Mr Ogazi also noted that based on the findings in the report, it was said N873, 233, 942 spent based on what was written on the payment voucher with the exception of 5% deduction on monitoring and evaluation as payment for uncompleted and completed projects in the state.

Mr Ogazi said the former Commissioner for Education was invited as well as the principal officers and management staff, the former permanent secretary of the ministry, Commissioner for Works, his principal officers as well as the contractors who carried out various works during the course of the investigation.

He continuing by saying the former Commissioner agreed to take responsibility for his actions during the course of the investigation.

He noted that as at then, the total amount released for the contract was N1,084,000,000, of which 873,233,942.60 was deducted from the original sum. Then N37,718,498 will be added as monitoring and evaluation fund which brings it at N248,484,566.60 as the total sum unaccounted for.

Mr Ogazi advised the Nasarawa state government to declare a state of emergency on all uncompleted projects in the state to ensure their completion.

The former Commissioner for Education now the SSG reacted to the committee’s findings by saying their reports was their own and said that their report was incomplete.

Tijani noted that it will be a different scenario if those who were given money to execute the project were asked and of which they will deny they received any money.

He disclosed that 202 person were given money to execute the project.

On the 17 of March, the Speaker commissioned a committee to probe the utilisation of the N1 billion approved for the fencing and renovation of public secondary schools in the state.

Abudulrasheed Mubarak is a freelance content creator. He starting his writing career in 2011. He is a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi in Urban and Regional Planning.

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