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Only Death Sentence Will Serve as Punishment for Sexual Abuse in Nigeria



Child rights activists in Nigeria feel that child abuse in the country will continue as long as the government does not initiate the death penalty for perpetrators.

Last week, news broke that a young woman Uwa was killed in a church at the University of Benin where she was seen to be dead after being raped by a man.

The incident sparked protests and calls for justice in the incident.

Even on social media, people have been lamenting the rise of rape in the country and demanding that the government take concrete steps to end the menace.

The leader of the Women in Leadership Initiative in Nigeria, Maryam Baba Mohammed, said that the rape victims are not just only women even men included.

Maryam is one of the victims of the rights of those who have been raped, and said that they have spoken and drawn people to this brutal act but have not been convicted.

“People do not talk in the name of shame or defamation or the name of a girl, that is why there is no punishment and rape is never stopped,” said Maryam.

“Now with the advent of social media, our calls will be effective because efforts are being made to address them.”

The activist attributed the impunity and the increase in child rape cases in Nigeria. She also said that women used to be raped in the past, but now men and women are at risk too.

“We have not allowed this matter to go unchecked, so we can make sure that those whose rights are violated will be given justice.”

Children who have been raped will have their eyes opened to insecurity and fear at times, Maryam said.

The federal government has already said it has issued an order to investigate and identify the perpetrators.

Janet Feranmi, a first-class graduate in Mass Communication. She graduated 2017. A Content Creator, lover of Dog. She writes for Daily news and also for

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