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After some cabinet members tested positive for coronavirus, the Ebony state government closed the office



David Umahi

Ebony Governor David Umahi ordered the immediate shutdown of all government offices because some people in his cabinet were positive for the new coronavirus. In the statement of Orji Uchenna Orji, the State Information and Status Inspector, the governor ordered immediate decontamination of all offices and issued specific instructions to the workers of the State Department of Finance and Budget to require them to immediately conduct the COVID19 test day within seven hours. Although the governor did not provide the names of cabinet members who responded positively to the virus, he described the situation as disturbing.

The statement stated that all government offices will be closed from June 4 (Thursday) to June 10 (Wednesday).

“All civil servants shall work from their respective homes within this period but shall leave their phones open to respond to official imperatives. All Exco members and Government officials, especially of the Ministries of Finance and Budget, are advised to undergo the COVID-19 test within this seven days period”

The Governor further suggested that during the period when the government office is closed, all workers, especially those in the above two ministries, should isolate themselves. However, all site operations should be kept open, but must strictly comply with the COVID-19 agreement. “Partial interpretation of the statement.

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