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Covid19: We cannot cope with the two weeks lockdown, Obaro of Kabba pleads with Gov. Bello



The Chairman Okun and Obaro of Kabba Traditional Council, HRM. Dele Awoniyi has pleaded with the Kogi state government that he should remove the restrictions imposed on the two weeks lockdown as towns and communities cannot cope with the current situation.

The state is still adamant to come to an agreement on the two index cases announced by NCDC officials last week Wednesday, which then influenced the governor’s decision to impose a two week lockdown in Kabba, the council area of the index cases, which already is in full force.

The medical team from the headquarters, Lokoja along with newsmen made a courtesy visit to the palace and has been in the community for testing and contact tracing as a result of the alleged index cases in the community.

The Obaro at his palace during the visit, expressed that the lockdown which has seen its second day has already brought severe hardship to the community.

He says he has a mixed feeling on the lockdown and he’s not happy, as he is not interested in discussing the political and technical aspect of the pandemic.

He apologised to the governor about the political emotion on Covid19. He says that not everything must be politicized. He said that one of the person who made the Governor make such an announcement is not in town. He mentioned that some people from the Kabba have runaway from their families to Abuja.

He said that some of the statement made by the politicians are personal, not for the safety of the community. He said they are not a party to play opposition politics and will not allow Kabba to be turned into a political battlefield for political contest.

The Obaro expressed that the lockdown has made life extremely difficult for his people who are literally surviving from hand to mouth on a daily basis. He continued by saying that they are approaching their festival and this order has affected their fundamental human right as regards freedom of movement. He said their  ancestors will rise against those that call for the lockdown.

He pleaded with the government to remove the lockdown restrictions and continue with its contact tracing and testing. He said that at this point in time, their farms have been taken over by cattle herders who have grazed on their farm land. He said this will lead to serious hunger and he said that they should put politics aside and consider the welfare of its people.

He went on to lament they cannot survive a14 day lockdown. He went on to say, if it has been extremely difficult for them in the past two days, then they should consider what will happen at the end of two weeks.
However the state Governor have refused to accept the purported rise to 3 cases in the state, claiming that they are not aware of the situation.

Dr. Haruna Saka who is the State Commissioner for Health, expressed that the state will not accept the false figure being declared by NCDC as they were not in the picture of the patient.

Saka who mentioned that no sample was taken from the state is surprised at how the NCDC came about the figure and got the sample.

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