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Lagos: Demonstrations against police killing of teenager



A group of youths in Lagos held peaceful protests on Thursday.

The violence comes as two policemen are demanding the punishment of 16-year-old Tina Ezekwe in public.

The protesters shouted, “Whoever kills Tina will not die gracefully.”

They patrolled the streets saying Tina was killed in public. So they are looking for the police officer who shot her.

The protesters hold placard that read Stop killing us, and protect us.

The leader of the protest, Kunmle Ajayi, went on to speak while the other protesters were repeating what he was saying.

He said: ” We are in this place as you can see where Tina was killed. They kill a lot of people holding a gun and they enjoy killing people.

“We are looking for Tina and others. There are many that fall into police custody. There were people who witnessed Tina’s murder.

“My daughter was just killed. We want the two policemen who murdered them. We are seeking a compensation of N10 million. We are looking for any victims of rape and those who have fallen into the hands of the police, ”said the leader.

“We are protesting to end police brutality.”

Samuel Gabriel said: “Nigerians are not animals, they should not use weapons against us. Never use guns on civilians again.”

“We will not allow the police to ever touch a girl or touch a Nigerian,

“If the security forces have touched a civilian, we should come out and defend ourselves.”

Tina was shot dead by police last week, but some officials claim that the bullet went off and found her wrongly but it was a destructive plot by the policemen.

The police have already arrested the alleged perpetrator and that an investigation will be carried out.

The Lagos State Police said on Monday that an investigation has been launched into the two policemen accused of killing the girl, Tina Ezekwe, the command expressed sadness at the situation saying that the policemen have failed to respect the boundaries set for them.

Since Monday, media outlets have rallied to seek justice for Tina, who was killed by a two police officers in Iyana Owo area of Lagos state on Tuesday.

The two police officers now face alledged charges for murder. They will be brought to court to be tried.

The state police commissioner, Hakeem Odumosu, has ordered a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Tina’s death.

This is not the first time police officers have been accused of firing a civilian over a minor misconduct.

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