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NLC speeds up House of Representatives to criminalize Casualization of workers 



House of Reps Femi Gbajabiamila

The NLC called on the Speaker of the House of Representatives to expedite the amendment of the Labor Law and terminate the temporary work of workers. The Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) has called on the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, to expedite the amendments to the labor law and stop temporary workers. He added that when amending the Labour Law, the union should be made more independent, and each Nigerian worker should be allowed to join the union of his choice. An NLC Chairman Ayuba Wabba believes that the general practice of temporary workers has become a form of “modern slavery” and should be stopped by legislation. NANs says.

Wabba visited the Speaker together with other members of the National Assembly Speaker. He urged the head of the Green Chamber of Commerce to strengthen the union through its legislation, which can also be seen in other countries.

Gbajabiamila assures Congress leaders that the House of Representatives is willing to cooperate with unions,

motto “Nation Building, a Joint Task”.

He pointed out that the House of Representatives has planned to amend the Labor Law and urged union leaders to absorb their opinions as soon as possible because time is of the essence.

“You should do that on time because time is of the essence so that we pass it very quickly,” Gbajabiamila said.

He assured them that strengthening NLC happens to be the head office of unions in the formal and informal sectors, which is the key because it will encourage the country to strengthen democracy and protect the interests of Nigerians.

You should know

Temporary workers are a method of hiring temporary personnel for short periods, usually aimed at saving costs. The Labor Law (Amendment) Bill 2019, awaiting second reading in the House of Representatives, proposes to criminalize the employment of workers with temporary contracts for more than six months. It also recommends that any temporary workers dismissed by the employer after six months will enjoy the benefits of full-time workers for six months and prohibit outsourcing to third parties.

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