Saturday, May 15, 2021

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A Lagos State University (LASU) student kisses a BABY in a viral video and will face the law-NHRC boss Tony Ojukwu.

Tony Ojukwu, executive secretary of the National Executive Committee of the National Human Rights Commission, said that the last student of Lagos State University LASU, Adeyeye Babatunde, would inappropriately kiss his little sister in the viral video, which would be convicted. The viral video that appeared online a few days ago angered many Nigerians and asked them to arrest him. The NHRC boss said that although Babatunde apologized, he would be sentenced to face the law because he committed crimes against minors. He tweeted;

”His name is Babatunde Adeyeye. Babatunde Adeyeye is a final year student of Botany at Lagos State University. He shot an “apology” video which was sent to us today. He should be traced and arrested immediately. He has committed A CRIME against a minor and must face the law.”

Tony Ojukwu tweet on rival kiss video

When he finished kissing the girl, he looked at the camera, licked his lips, and blinked. Also, a person’s voice, in the background calling him in these words.

“Ahhh. On top of your matter.”

Screenshots of his response on twitter, following the attention the video, has created on social media.

Adeyeye Babatunde kissing viral video 2

Adeyeye Babatunde kissing viral video 2 Adeyeye Babatunde kissing viral video 2

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