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Rivers State Free Bus Program: Another step in the right direction



Rivers State Free bus Scheme

There is no doubt that public transportation and commuting services are an integral part of social contract, collective interaction and filial piety activities. These activities define and manage our survival activities in modern cities and societies.

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus panic surprised the world and quickly spread to all parts of the world, causing the daily norms and routine activities of our community to be completely cut off. Sadly, thousands of people worldwide died.

No country has survived, and no society has been affected by this deadly pandemic.

Therefore, undoubtedly, due to its strong and interconnected nature, the public transportation system has become a key area of ​​concern, especially during this coronavirus pandemic, because records indicate that one of the fastest ways to spread infection is Through the public transportation system.

Considering that public transportation will play a key role in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike is arguably the first governor in Nigeria to take practical steps to resolve this expected incident.

The signing of the executive order that defined the spread of coronavirus was later copied by the federal government and other state governments. Governor Wike himself led the National Law Enforcement Working Group and complied with the directives and was at the forefront of protecting the people of the Rivers State.

Through these positive actions, as well as other preventive measures that have been taken since March to protect the people of the river from coronavirus infections, including regular blockades of specific areas of the state on specific days to strengthen social isolation and other preventive measures, the Governor, Wike has successfully protected most of the Rivers State people during this pandemic, and there is no doubt about his commitment to establishing Rivers states.

Transport Commissioner Sunny Ejekwu presided over the opening ceremony of the plan and praised Governor Wike’s initiative, which he confirmed was the first such initiative in the country.

He added that as a pilot program, the buses will travel in the areas of Obio/Akpor, Port Harcourt, Oigbo and Ellem local government.

Ejekwu also pointed out in the launching ceremony that the plan once again highlights Governor Wike’s pulse as a carer who cares about the health and well-being of the people in the Rivers State.

According to records, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Governor Wike has made many efforts to express his love for the Rivers people, some of which are manifested through the provision of palliative therapy, he not only released 2 billion naira to Rivers farmers And fishermen to buy all agricultural products, so that they also have the ability.

The palliative care committee led by the dynamic PDP chairman Ambassador Desmond Akawor, whose members come from all walks of life, including clergy, civil society and the media, also touched every corner of the country to distribute palliative care to the vulnerable and vulnerable groups. Low privileges, regardless of party affiliation.

Many Rivers residents have begun to enjoy the safety and comfort of the Free bus, expressing satisfaction with the plan and being surprised that the government will provide this free service.

They described the plan as a gift that you can only get from a compassionate and visionary leader who cares deeply about his people.

His work principle has always been Rivers’ top priority. When dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, Governor Wike puts protection and protection of Rivers’ life above all other considerations.

The successful reality documented by Governor Wicks’ positive measures taken and executed during the Coronavirus Warfare has been recognized and praised by the Rivers and other objective ideas, and has almost completely complied with certain instructions and most people have treated him ‘S praise now realizes that his intentions are real people; the free bus plan has once again established the originality and vision of his actions, all of which prove that this is a person and leader loved and admired by his people.

Rivers State Free Bus transportation

The entire world is currently in a state of crisis. Fighting against a common enemy can neither be dedicated to distinguishing, distinguishing and distinguishing classes, races and creeds. As Governor Wike himself succinctly pointed out and reiterated, the coronavirus does not respect anyone. It kills influential and less privileged people, so our people need to be more vigilant.

Therefore, the free bus plan is a step in the right direction towards a strategic effort to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the state, and Rivers residents will well accept and enjoy the plan and help stop the coronavirus in the state Spread.

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