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Adekunle Gold’s Message for his newborn Daughter, Adejare



Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold (Adekunle Gold) and his wife Simi (Simi) ushered in a baby girl, he sent an emotional message to his newborn daughter Adejare.


In a fan email shared by Adekunle Gold, he talked about how he felt when he first saw his daughter. See below;


“Is this good? I know. There is so much violence against women, black people and this epidemic, I have to quit. I have to check out to prepare a healthy mind and a safe space to welcome my children Come to this world” 

“Even though I was carrying my baby all day sad about the crisis outside, it was pure joy. When Adejare came out, I cried a lot. I cried when I hugged her for the first time. I can’t lie, I still stare A few drops shed on her. Lol” 


“It feels really obsessing. If someone holds Adejare, I will miss her. I love our skin. I like to feed her. I like changing diapers. I love everything, including insomnia. I am addicted to all her expressions; You need to see her stinky face-it’s funny. I have never seen such a beautiful baby.”

” I was serious. The profile picture of my baby is as full as mine, and the most beautiful face I have ever seen, like Simi. Wow.”

“I feel so protected for her, and what is happening now makes me more aware of how to raise her. I hope she will always know that she is loved. She is amazing. She is pure black girl magic, and I will always believe her.” 


“I know that we are fighting for it now. The past generations have been so painful and insensitive, and has bothered us. I hope we will not give up the struggle for women’s rights, because I really believe that if our women are empowered and Allow leadership, and all of us will do better for this. I know this first-hand account is because Simi is strong, and my life is better for this.”

“Although we are fighting for today’s problems, we are also fighting for our future. We must ensure that we do not raise our children with the consciousness of raising us too. We must raise sons who respect values ​​and respect women, and raise strong Fearless daughter. “

” We want to raise the talking children and stand up for the right position; we want to raise the children who will not continue to haunt the abuse, fear, confidentiality and insensitivity of our generation and our predecessors.”

” I pray for all victims If the hand of law is not agile enough, then the hand of God will do his thing.”

”I’m hugging and kissing and praying over my unemployed princess, while supporting everyone in all the other ways I can”


”I pray you are doing the same too.”

”Sending you loads of love.”

”AG Baby is your baby”

”Scratch that”

”AG Baby has a Baby.”

Salihu Abdulsalam has been working with writing challenged clients for over four years. He provides ghost writing, coaching and ghost editing services. His educational background in family science and journalism has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics.

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