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Senate below me, not the rubber stamp, we have repeatedly disagreed with Buhari- Ahmed Lawan



Ahmed Lawan

Senate President Ahmad Lawan canceled the rubber stamp label of the 9th Senate. Loan revealed that the Senate has disagreed with President Mohammed Buhari several times. However, he said that the Senate and the Chief Executive have found a solution to the differences behind the scenes. Under the leadership of former leader Bukola Saraki. Buhari’s relationship with the Senate was cold. However, Lawan said in an interview with Tropics Nigeria News: “Do you know that we have repeatedly disagreed with the executive body of the government, Mr. President?

“People don’t know, because we are solving our problems behind the scenes.” Lawan also insisted that the Senate under his leadership provided better services to Nigerians. He added: “When there are cooperation and mutual respect between the two armies, I have also witnessed providing better services to the people. “I think I am unfair to myself, to the people, to the people who elected me and to the election of senators, who from the beginning chose to fight in the name of independence of the legislature.”


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