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Why Nigeria is losing the war against insecurity-Ahmed Lawan



Ahmed Lawan

Senate Chairman Ahmad Lawan said that Nigeria’s military and other security agencies’ inability to control the country’s insecurity is due to international politics. He said that international politics is slowing down efforts to purchase the advanced machinery needed by security agencies to complete their work. Lawan spoke on Sunday before the first anniversary of the ninth Senate.

He said: “In a way, we are suffering from international politics. I know that in our efforts to buy spare parts for aircraft, they may write to a foreign government, while another country needs six In nine months, I will write to the same government and maybe receive it in a month or two.”

“In addition, we need more security resources. The resources I’m talking about are not just money, we need more armed forces personnel. We need more police, the Nigerian Immigration Service, and almost all agencies and paramilitary personnel.”

“NASS Meets INEC on Electronic Voting,” Lauwan said that the leadership of the National Assembly will meet with the National Independent Electoral Commission on the proposed electronic voting in 2022. He said: “This is what we need to sit down with INEC. We believe that the electoral environment should be dynamic. Anything that enables elections to be held and results with voter confidence; should attract our attention. Regarding the bill to postpone the passage of the Petroleum Industry Act, the chairman of the Senate said that the executive branch of the government has been discussing with the legislative body.

He said: “The “Petroleum Industry Act” has not been submitted to the National Assembly, but I know that the government administration has been discussing with us what they have done to the “Petroleum Industry Act”. “Nothing was missing from Covid-19, so the Petroleum Industry Act may be submitted within June; I am not sure, but I am optimistic.”

…Support the approval of Buhari’s foreign loans Regarding the criticism that the legislature recently approved loans to the Chief Executive, he said, ‘‘Our 2020 budget funding gap is close to $14.2 billion. “We have not diversified our economy or invested in the physical sector of the economy. “Now we have reached the point where we must address the infrastructure gap. We have many important projects, such as the Second Niger Bridge, Mambila Hydropower, East-West Road, and Lagos-Kano Railway.

“We have no money. If you don’t have the resources but still need these projects, will you give them up because you want to get rid of the loans? “For members of the National Assembly, we realize that this economy is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and if it continues, we will lose 20 million jobs in this country.”


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