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Demonstrations against insecurity in Katsina



Residents of Yantumaki village in northern Nigeria’s Katsina state have protested against the worsening security in the area.

Photos posted on the internet show protesters Tuesday morning took to the streets complaining about how the federal and state have let the security situation continue to deteriorate.

According to sources, youths in the area were set to go up after gunmen stormed the village on Tuesday and kidnapped a teacher and his daughter. 

The youths have been burning tires and even last month, residents of Jibia Local Government Area protested because of negligence on the part of their governors over state insecurity.

The security problem has been mounting in the northwest of Nigeria lately.

The International Crisis Group says that more than 8,000 people have been killed as a result  crisis in 10 years.

Authorities say they are taking steps to remedy the situation, but security officials say more steps need to be taken to address it.

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