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Hausa Actor, Ali Nuhu loses Father



Ali Nuhu

KannyWood movie star and actor Ali Nuhu (Ali Nuhu) lost his father Nuhu Poloma in Gombe on Monday night.

Mr. Poloma was the chairman of the state’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP). It was reported that he was taken to the Federal Teaching Hospital in Gombe, where he allegedly died of an undisclosed disease.

Many associates of King Cunningwood were called social media and announced their death.

One of the producers of Kannywood Naziru Auwal (aka Naziru Danhajiya) shared the news of Mr. Poloma’s death on his Instagram page. He wrote in Arabic transliteration and Hausa:

“Inna Lillahi Wa inna ilaihirrajiun.

“Ali Nuhu just lost his father in Gombe.”

Other actors, producers and directors in the industry, for example; sympathizers shared the position, including Adam A. Zango (actor and director), Maryam Booth (actor and producer), Hafsat Idris, Aishatu Humaira, director Yaseen Auwal.

Mr. Poloma is a retired civil servant and politician from the local government of Balanga, Gombe State. Before his death, he married the late Hajiya Fatima Karderam Digema from Borno State, the biological mother of King Ali of Kannywood.

The late Poloma left his wife, popular Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu, his brother Kabiru Poloma and others .

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