Saturday, May 15, 2021

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Man who raped 40 women in Kano is set to face trial

The Kano State Police on Friday said that the man who was arrested for raping 40 women would soon be charge the to court.

ASP police spokesman Abdul Kiya told reporters on Wednesday that they had arrested Muhammad, known as the sketch after they had been hunting him.

He added that the man – who rapes women and girls by climbing walls to enter their homes – said he was committing the crime himself in the presence of others.

According to the ASP he said “Once we have investigated case, we will submit it to the court. He has long threatened women in Kwanar Dangora and he has confessed his crimes.”

The problem of rape is looking to become a nightmare in Nigeria.

Earlier, a 12-year-old girl told police in Jigawa State that 12 men had been raping her for the past two months.

Also, earlier this month, some men were accused of killing a university student after being raped in Edo State.

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